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Sage 300 service
In a Services company the successful day to day management contracting, job costing, preventive maintenance, equipment servicing, facility management, essential services, other equipment and resources is imperative. You need to be able to keep track of all abovementioned aspects and recover the expenses incurred.

If your business needs a feature rich, easy to use business application in order to manage every aspect of your services business, then Sage 300 Service is the solution for you.


Manage your resources, products and services

Sage 300 Service will link all aspects of the service process so that you can update and manage jobs in real-time in the office or out in the field; handle preventative maintenance and general equipment servicing.

  • Guarantee extensive planning, control and organisation in the Service Industry.
  • Access your data locally or from the field using mobile or Web technologies.
  • Save time, lower expenses, monitor profitability, increase productivity and most importantly, improve customer satisfaction.

Sage 300 Service will help you simplify the supervision of your service activities while keeping the operational, sales and financial aspects of your customers’ jobs firmly on the radar.


Major Functional areas in Sage 300 Service


The Job System is the core component of Service Manager. Create templates, quotations, jobs and projects. These can contain multi-level work structures with phases and sub-phases. There is no limit to how many of these can be set up, and all information is summarized at each level in the structure providing profit analysis, so that a snapshot of the job and its profitability can be viewed real-time on screen. Descriptions can all be tailored to your requirements. Customize your numbering system for documents such as projects, jobs, quotes, sales orders, and templates.


Transactions that can be processed include:

  • Labor allocation
  • Inventory or material/part issues
  • Purchase requisitions and orders
  • Equipment
  • Subcontractors
  • Standard charges
  • Work in Progress and Invoices
  • Credit notes and cost only entries.

All financial information is maintained with the job and this includes estimate, actual and variance for costs, revenue and quantities. Extensive GL overwrite functionality can be utilised.


Track resource utilization, profitability, non-billable time and unallocated time.


Equipment are assets that your company services and maintains. These can be your own internal equipment or customer owned equipment. Each piece of equipment is recorded as a unique item with its own serial number. Create new jobs or find existing jobs by equipment serial number.



Sage 300 Service caters for various service agreement types including:

  • Site service level agreements
  • Meter agreements and
  • Warranty agreements.

A customer can have many agreements, an agreement can cover many sites, each site can have multiple equipment, and an agreement can cover the entire site or specific equipment. Various billing methods are available for equipment on agreements and life cycle profitability of the agreement can be tracked.

Return Authorizations

Two types of Return Authorizations (RA) are managed by the system, customer returns and vendor/manufacturer returns. RAs can be created for existing serialized equipment, miscellaneous equipment or inventory items. Each RA can have multiple equipment. Equipment information on an RA includes warranty details, notations, accessories returned, fault registrations, shipment tracking and history.

Advanced Maintenance

Enhance the standard maintenance with a full task and activity based preventative maintenance system. Plan a full year’s maintenance program in advance. The Advanced Maintenance Module is ideal for facility management such as in hospitals, hotels,refineries, mining sites or vehicle fleet management, but has broad application in many industries and is not limited to those mentioned.

Advanced Maintenance


Accumulating information about faults and providing easy access to that information allows you to simply, quickly and profitably deal with service requests.

Query Tools

Empower your employees with tools to easily search for and report on history and activity of customers and their equipment.

Other additional add-on products

Mobile Field Solutions

Allow your employees to stay in touch and transact either live or in offline mode from the field using mobile devices such as smart telephones, PDA’s, or portable notebook computers.

Employee WEB Portal

The Sage 300 Service Employee Web Portal allows your employees to access your accounting and management systems online via an Internet Browser. This saves time, is convenient, and in some situations reduces the cost of expensive licensing fees. Most importantly, access to your data can be from anywhere in the world, day or night.

emplyee web screenshot

Integration to Sage CRM

During installation, if Sage CRM is installed, options become available to switch on additional functionality for Sage CRM. That means sales people and general staff can also gain access via the CRM desktop to quotes, jobs and important site and equipment information so that when dealing with a customer, they have all information about that customer at their fingertips.

Customer Web Portal

The Service Manager Customer Web Portal allows your customers to access and transact with your business directly through an Internet Browser. This speeds up response times providing better customer satisfaction and as an added benefit, business overheads and costs are reduced as less time is spent on telephones logging information or answering questions.

Sage 300 Service fully integrates with Sage 300 ERP General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory Control, Purchase Orders, Serialized Inventory, Lot Tracking and Sage CRM.

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