Agile ERP – Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is a comprehensive, industry-specific ERP solution from Microsoft

Increase agility and expand business opportunities while reducing risk.

Excellence for a business application begins with two primary challenges: how well does the software model the real-world, and how quickly can I make it fit my business in a rapidly changing world?  If the fidelity between software model and reality is high, then implementation is straightforward and the software can provide strong insight, empowering efficient business execution.  If it is not, then implementation is filled with compromises and workarounds and using the software is filled with challenge and complexity.  It is that simple, and it is the beginning of why Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is different.

a.   Unified Natural Model

Microsoft Dynamics AX provides a Unified Natural Model that lets you plan, see and change your business.  Unified, natural models make modelling simple businesses fast and easy and yet still provide the richness and flexibility to represent the most complex organizations.  Fundamental elements of the unified, natural models in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 include the following:

Flexible business organization modelling.  This lets you capture the physical locations of your business, legal entity structure, and business reporting structure.

Representation of business workflow, policies, and dollar limit – and the ability to specialize that policy for different parts of the organization model by using a graphical workflow editor, without any coding required.

Unlimited financial dimensions. This enables categorization and analysis of transactions across multiple views.

Date affectivity for data and models at the framework level, with additional security control on future effective information to enable before-and-after reporting across organizational changes.

b.   Flexible Deployment Alternatives

Microsoft Dynamics AX provides flexible deployment alternatives to support your business today and tomorrow.

System deployment represents another important dimension where businesses demand agility. Growth, or even consolidation, will change a business’s needs.  Evolving technology may change the most effective way to meet those needs.  Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 enables flexible deployment alternatives that support your business today and tomorrow.  Microsoft Dynamics is committed to enabling deployment choice – that includes on-premise deployment and partner private cloud hosting today, and a roadmap to Microsoft cloud capability in the future all with a single application solution.

Deployment of a model at a specific moment in time should not lock a customer into an application that should be the heart of their business for a very long time; customers can choose Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 because it is the right solution for their business.

c.   Model-driven Layered Architecture

Microsoft Dynamics AX provides a model-driven layered architecture that makes company differentiating changes easy to execute.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is designed with a unique layer and model structure that separates and controls the updates and modifications made in the application. This structure provides a powerful and flexible architecture for developing business logic. As more and more of the system are defined through models, unique requirements can be addressed without writing code.

The key benefit of the layer and model structure is that it lets developers change and extend the functionality in Microsoft Dynamics AX while maintaining upgradability to new versions.  Models drive overall system agility by speeding the process of fitting the software to the business at implementation, and more importantly, enabling rapid system evolution in the face of changing business conditions and requirements.

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