Microsoft Dynamics AX7 For Retail




A dynamic retail solution

Microsoft Dynamics for Retail reduces complexity for retailers through its modern, unified retail solution that frees retailers to focus on empowering their employees and connecting with customers and across all networks. What results is a seamless and differentiating shopping experience, with a complete omni-channel solution that is more mobile, more modern, and more global.

Features include:

  • Store operations
  • Marketing and care
  • Merchandising
  • Order management
  • Channel management
  • Procurement
  • Financials
  • Business Intelligence

Modern point of sale

Today’s Customers are well informed and live in a connected world and shop on their own terms when making a purchase, usually before they even set foot in a store. Retailers need to introduce ways to better serve clients and offer them wonderful in-store experiences. To best engage customers, retailers must empower their employees to provide excellent customer service. This is where point of sale (POS) can become point of service – using rich clientele capabilities in the Microsoft Dynamics modern POS retail solution.

E-commerce – Engage connected customers

Customers are informed, connected and want a variety of shopping options. They want the choice of going to a brick and mortar store, browsing online at home, or shopping on-the-go using a cell phone. Microsoft Dynamics for Retail provides retailers great features, like E-commerce and social media, in order to engage and connect with customers. This facilitates an immersive, omni-channel shopping experience.


The basis of Omni-channel is about being connected to the channels where your clients shop. It’s about encouraging customers to have a relationship with your brand and providing the information, along with ease and consistency in the shopping experiences. Customers expect seamless and consistent engagement with the retailer as they move from social networks, to online stores, to in-store experiences.



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