Microsoft Dynamics AX7 for Human Resources




It’s time for a little investment in human capital

By connecting the people in a workplace, we solve problems by breaking down the barriers of communication; offering more efficient ways to be productive, and uncovering information that leads to ideas. In the end, your employees get better at what they do whilst your customers get the best value, and your company improves on its ROI.

The Dynamic Solution

  • Despite the advances in technology nowadays, we still need people to get things done. In the same way technology has changed the capacity and capability of departments all across your organisation, Microsoft Dynamics AX Human Resources helps revolutionise HR.
  • Smartphones have allowed people to take all lines of communication, including their desktop, anywhere they want. This level of communication gives you uninterrupted productivity you wouldn’t have imaged 15 years ago
  • In one, unified system, Microsoft does exactly the same thing for HR. Administration need not be a frustrating chore which frees up your people to have a greater impact within the organisation. Features like click-to-connect communication, inspires collaboration between companies, teams and employees.
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