Microsoft Dynamics AX


Microsoft Dynamics AX7 provides a set of tools that your employees can use to manage and connect your entire business. Fully-featured, these tools cover all aspects from supply chain and financial management to all manufacturing to operations processes. Dynamics AX7 helps you gain the insight you need to make the right business decisions. Best of all the system can be adapted to match your current and future needs as required, in the cloud or on your servers, giving you unmatched flexibility.

Internet Technology:

  • Get empowered to make smart decisions faster with real-time insights in a user-friendly mobile platform and increase your productivity.
  • Helps you execute your business strategies and planning in a shorter time, thus saving you money and resources.
  • Flexible cloud options allow you to grow at your own rate with scalability and adaptability.


  • Gain business insights and intelligence to drive your corporate performance.
  • Assess and manage your organizational risks with a single view into your business.
  • Use the flexibility of the Microsoft cloud to drive corporate strategy and growth.


  • Scale your operations globally and accelerate global expansion with flexible deployments, all made possible when you leverage the power of the Microsoft cloud.
  • Deliver seamless and scalable e-commerce services with multi-channel excellence, usable with third-party online stores.
  • Anticipate trends, plan effectively and achieve effective merchandise management to set yourself apart.
  • Achieve intelligent operations with effective management of products from procurement to sale.


  • Intelligent digital manufacturing tools help you accelerate product introductions. This reduces risks and gives you the confidence to test new product ideas.
  • Business intelligence will help you effectively manage your production floor, enhance productivity and global visibility.
  • Introduce intelligent global visibility of your inventory, manufacturing and logistics in order to empower your customer service team to support your customers using the right tools.


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