Sage ERP for Mining, fits your industry needs

Sage ERP for Mining

Sage ERP for Mining, fits your industry needs

With more than 15 years of mining specific experience, AccTech is endorsed by many mining companies that run Sage solutions for Mining. Sage ERP for Mining covers all the key processes of your business with our preconfigured solution. Sage ERP X3 Standard Edition for Mining provides integrated processes with standard interfaces to third-party solutions. As your business evolves, our preconfigured Sage ERP for Mining provides a solution that can be flexibly adapted and extended. Users are provided easy access to the information they need and productivity is enhanced as the learning and adoption process is accelerated.

  • 18 years of Sage experience and partnership
  • A leading implementer of Sage ERP
  • Partnerships that extend our capability to all continents
  • AccTech Cloud Solution Provider and Hosting partner
  • Mining Industry Specialization

We know that while mining organizations often require customized business applications to support their specific processes, (without investing in fastidious one-of-a-kind software developments), they also want to take advantage of the best standard practices in their industry.

Therefore we designed Sage ERP for mining Organizations to provide your company with both best-in-class mine management features and in-depth process customization capabilities, while still providing the flexibility to easily further configure avoiding heavy custom developments. The result is a configured mining offering, that fulfils the standard requirements and is also easily adaptable to your organizations current and future requirements.

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