In a recent World Health Organisation report, it was stated that high performing health systems are critical to address key health challenges faced by hospitals.  Whilst a hospital’s primary role is to provide first level and specialised healthcare to the served community, the hospital needs to be managed with sound business principles and these business principles should be supported by advanced business systems.

The MIMSYS Hospital Information System (HIS) creates a unique value proposition for hospitals and clinics through the deployment of leading-edge technologies and applications that enable and facilitate a superior services experience for Hospital Clients.


  • Streamline the daily activities of patient care
  • Support Multi-Clinic on line data processing
  • The system interfaces with critical care devices
  • It is compatible with international standards such as HL7 AND HIPAA + JCI
  • ICD and CPT codes are catered for
  • The insurance claims management is easy to use and streamlines the claiming process
  • Email and/or SMS service notifications can be setup in the system
  • By using mobile devices access can be anytime and anywhere
  • Improve productivity and help in increasing the efficiency of the care providers
  • Support cost control and budgeting to improve the overall performance of the hospital, clinics, labs etc through extensive MIS reporting
  • Generate accurate and comprehensive statistical information
  • Generate comprehensive analytical queries and reports to help the management with decision making
  • Maintain medical and administrative information related to patient visits both as outpatients and inpatients
  • To make patient services more efficient

For more information, download the MIMSYS Technologies Brochure