AccTech Systems | DeGrendel Wine & Food Evening

This year I celebrate 30 years in the IT industry in SA and around the world. From ACCPAC Plus (Dos) to the Azure Cloud…  and we will celebrate this a few times…

To get Charles Hopkins to Pretoria, for this event, in person, to demo his passion and life… Wine… + De Kloof Food… and AccTech… will be the event of the year.

As usual we have 5 settings, where half of every table rotates, and by the end of the evening you have met 30 more people like you, our valued partners (customers and vendors), that made AccTech a success, and walked the road with me over the past 30 years in the IT Industry in SA.

We combine Wine, History, Food and Technology… and some Accounting…

The evening will include a combination of sumptuous food and world class wine.

Read the history of De Grendel, starting in 1720, especially the part of Dawie Graaff – 1870, that started working at age 11 in a butchery, owned his own butchery business at age 18, and became the Mayor of Cape Town in 1890, at age 31, bought De Grendel in 1891, became Minister of Public Works, Post and Telegraphs in 1910 in the Cabinet of General Louis Botha. His son, Sir De Villiers Graaff became the sole opposition party member in 1948 for the United Party, in Parliament after election won by the National Party. He leads the opposition to the government, with three NP prime ministers, becoming the longest-serving leader of the opposition in South Africa.

De Kloof:

We represent a movement against the usual culinary mediocrity and compromise. Our mission is to create memorable dining experiences that make you wonder why you missed out on good food for so long.

24 April 2018 | 18:30 | De Kloof Restaurant, WaterKloof Golf Estate, Pretoria

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