AccTech Systems and OrgChart integrated solution


AccTech Systems & OrgChart offers a seamless organisational chart view solution for all clients using Sage Business Cloud Enterprise Management People and Sage300 People software

AccTech Systems and OrgChart integrated solution

Instant View:

  • Organisational Organogram chart for both Position Centric or Employee Centric systems
  • OrgChart reads directly from system table structure, thus OrgChart views can be set to Instant view (reflecting system changes instantly)
  • Standard and Custom organisational chart templates available
  • Can have multiple charts showing different data from very basic to highly diverse depending on the clients’ need

Seamless Data Access

  • Can view: Active positions, vacant positions, fixed term positions.
  • No more separate spreadsheets to keep track of
  • No double entries into different systems

Easy User Access

  • Share on company intranet or website
  • Publish charts to format including SVG, PNG, JPG, EPS and PDF
  • Connect to a wide variety of data sources, including files, HR Systems, databases, web directory services

Increased Reporting Accuracy

  • Reflect financial data OrgChart
  • Add employee photos
  • One version of the truth organogram chart(s)

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