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DistributionSage Geode is a full-function Warehouse Management System (WMS) designed to meet the needs of mid-sized companies with large transaction volumes and sophisticated warehouse practices.

Sage ERP X3: Sage Geode Warehouse Management System


Improved warehouse utilization

This warehouse management system (WMS) can complement and extend an Sage ERP X3 implementation or function as a stand-alone or loosely coupled application with other solutions. The WMS system helps companies achieve a faster, more efficient flow of goods through their warehouses, resulting in improved warehouse utilization, minimized product handling, fewer processing errors and timelier, more accurate information.

20 years of focused expertise

Sage Geode is installed in a variety of target markets including wholesale or retail distributors, process manufacturers (such as chemicals, food and life sciences) and discrete manufacturers (including industrial products, consumer goods and electronics). The system has been implemented in over 100 companies worldwide covering 350 sites, including market leaders such as Hewlett-Packard, Wyeth Lederle, Michelin Tires and Philips. The most recent release – written using the same development platform as Sage ERP X3 – reflects the accumulation of 20 years of focused expertise in the development, implementation and support of advanced warehousing systems.

Sage Geode Warehouse Management System software provides the robust functionality that helps solve business challenges today… with the flexibility to adapt to tomorrow’s ever-changing requirements, quickly and cost-effectively.

Functional areas

Sage offers mid-sized companies the combination
they’re looking for in a WMS: integrated best-of-breed functionality and
software architecture, current technology and open standards, service
and support by experienced staff, tools for personalization, and at a
reasonable price.

With Sage Geode, companies can benefit from the following:

  • Increased productivity through more efficient putaway and pick
    paths and processes,
  • Timely, accurate information from capturing information directly
    in the warehouse via scan or otherwise, validated to eliminate
    keying errors,
  • Improved data quality through verification of data before it is
    posted into Sage ERP X3 (or other ERP Systems)
  • Fewer shipping errors from multiple verifications during picking
    and loading of products,
  • More accurate inventory counts results in lower carrying costs
    and fewer stock outages,
  • Reduced overhead by accommodating higher material and data
    volumes with fewer errors and less personnel,
  • Shorter learning curves for warehouse personnel to learn and
    utilize automated data entry devices,
  • Improved warehouse utilization through product consolidation and
    balanced use of available capacity,
  • Faster, automated generation of shipping documentation,
  • Reduced labor from automatic handling of carrier and customer
    compliant or personalized documentation,
  • Minimized product handling,
  • Accurate, more timely labor efficiency and utilization reporting
    to management,
  • Improved availability of information for supporting or supported
    systems; tighter collaboration between business entities and
    partners through electronic data transfer.

Overall System

  • ASN/expected receipt support,
  • Stock reservation management,
  • Batch/lot control,
  • Serial number control,
  • Transfers and external warehouse management,
  • Date management: Expiration, Use By, Sell By, FIFO, LIFO, other,
  • EAN-13 code management,
  • GALIA, INOVERT, EDIFACT, EANCOM EDI standards supported (using
    3rd Party translation tools).


  • Dock scheduling and management,
  • Automatic or manual allocation of locations,
  • Location allocation in proximity of picking bays,
  • Product consolidation,
  • Multi-batch/lot and multi-product slot management,
  • Validation against expected input/ASN
  • Bonded stock management
  • Quality control Apply/remove holds, inbound sampling.


  • Wave simulation and wave management,
  • Batch picking or order picking (by zone),
  • Order Splitting (multiple shipments),
  • Back order and short allocation management,
  • Replenishment (min/max, override, source control),
  • Carton sizing/pre-packing or directed packing,
  • Shipment/load control and document preparation,
  • Shipping system integration,
  • Carrier selection,
  • Freight rating,
  • Label and document compliance.

Completely Web-Based

Sage Geode Warehouse Management System software
combines performance, flexibility and user-friendliness into a powerful,
yet affordable warehousing solution.
It is enterprise-configurable and features
multi-site, multi-workflow and complete automation capabilities (such as
conveyors, AS/RS, carousels and sorting equipment). Its open design
orientation makes it easy to fit into most operating environments
including support for industry-standard Windows and Unix operating
systems as well as Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases.
Its intuitive user-interface is available both on
the Internet and in traditional client/server mode. This open web
architecture makes it easy to extend Sage Geode to the Internet and use
a light web client to access the database and any function of the
application, remotely.
The software is built using the Sage Application
Framework for the Enterprise X3 technology (SAFE X3) that provides the
common underlying technical foundation for a full set of Sage
applications for mid-to-large businesses. Leveraging a common
development framework is an important distinction for companies seeking
an ERP backoffice system with robust warehouse management capabilities,
and SAFE X3 is one of the few software platforms providing such an
integrated offering.
Plus, Sage Geode is provided with the SAFE X3
Integrated Development Environment, allowing the software to be
personalized to unique company requirements in customer product
implementations without changing source code.


  • Multiple OS (Windows, Unix, Linux),
  • Multiple Database (SQL Server, Oracle),
  • Multiple languages, including American English, French, Spanish,
    Italian, Portuguese and Chinese (Mandarin),
  • Multiple sites,
  • Multiple company (depositor),
  • Multiple and external zones (stores),
  • Multiple containers and container equivalence,
  • Web-based user interface (Internet Explorer),
  • Centralized or distributed deployment,
  • Standard Sage ERP X3 interfaces,
  • Support for industry-standard barcode, printer and RF equipment,
  • Embedded Crystal Reports for ad-hoc needs.

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